US Post Office Today


Many people have wrongfully branded Postal Service as a failure. In fact, some have been waiting for it to close shop. However, this only shows how ignorant most people are about the services offered by the Postal Service. It also shows their ignorance about the amazing scale and reach of the institution. Think about the more than 160 billion mail handled by the institution annually. Quite a volume, isn’t it? You can find the institutions outlets everywhere in all parts of the country. This means everybody everywhere in the country can access its services at standardized low costs. Deliveries are made to very remote and secluded places, especially remote islands that are a little bother for private entities. In fact, it is the only communication lifeline in remote areas without broadband availability. Therefore, no matter where you live In the United States, you can comfortably trust the Postal Service to help you in zip code lookup.

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