The purpose of Zip Codes

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The purpose of ZIP codes is to ensure an efficient postal delivery. Some mails would cross states and in such a cases, the military facility dealing with the multiple states or other remote areas that service the bordering states. The first three digits always designate the mail to a sectional center facility. It is at this point that further mail sorting is done to then it is sent to the distribution center. When we look at the ZIP codes in terms of geographic location such that the ZIP codes that begin with the digit ‘0’ are for New England, New Jersey Region. The 00501 ZIP codes are exclusively of US Internal Revenue Service Center. The ZIP codes for the lowest digits include the areas of Holtsville, New York.

Here is a list of the way the first digit of the ZIP code lookup is allocated to the states.

0 – New York (NY Fishers Island), Maine (ME), Massachusetts (MA) Connecticut( CT), New Hampshire (NH), Puerto Rico (PR), Vermont (VT), Army Post Office Europe (AE) , Virgin Islands, (VI) and Fleet Post Office Europe (AE).

1= New York (NY), Delaware (DE), Pennsylvania (PA)

2= Maryland(MD), District of Colombia (DC), North Carolina (NC), Virginia(VA), South Carolina (SC) and West Virginia (WV)

3= Florida (FL), Alabama (AL), Georgia (GA), Tennessee (TN), Mississippi (MS), Fleet Post Office Americas (AA) and Army Post Office Americas (AA)

4= Kentucky (KY), Indiana (IN), Michigan (MI) and Ohio (OH)

5= Minnesota (MT), Iowa (IA), North Dakota (ND), Montana (MT), Wisconsin (WI) and South Dakota (SD)

6= Kansas (KS), Missouri (MO), Illinois (IL) and Nebraska (NE)

7=Louisiana (LA), Texas (TX), Arkansas (AR) and Oklahoma (OK)

8= Colorado (CO), Arizona (AZ), Idaho (ID), Nevada (NV), New Mexico (NM), Wyoming (WY) and Utah (UT)

9= Washington (WA), Army Post Office Pacific (AP), Palau (PW), Oregon (OR)< Federated States of Micronesia (FM), Alaska (AK), California (CA), American Samoa (AS) , Hawaii (HI) and Marshall Islands (MH)

Finally, the number of ZIP codes is up to 42000 in the United States. These ZIP codes are used to track mail and for gathering geographical data of states within the United States. The USPA is so efficient, and it delivers mails to largest geographical areas than any other postal service in the world.

The sorting process at the Post Office



The sorting process at the USPS after the accepting your mail and confirming the postage and address for shipping purposes. The Multiline Optical Character Reader extracts the ZIP code lookup data in the address, and it prints the bar code on the item. It should then route it for further shipment and sorting before the mail gets to its destination it has to go through many sorting processes. In the final sorting that, the post office will deliver the mail to the ultimate addressee. The item is then delivered by a mail carrier to the receiver’s mailbox at home.

Zip Code Lookup

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The next should include the street address, city address, state address, and then the ZIP code lookup. The ZIP code is the most important element of the addresses. It is because the ZIP codes help the Postal Office to sort the mails as they direct them to the relevant destinations. The ZIP code lookup format was introduced in 1963 and then it included five numbers. Later in 1983 ZIP code, systems now had five plus four-digit format. The new ZIP code system had a hyphen after the five digits and four more numbers. It was to ensure that it easily determines the exact location.

US Postal Service Today cont…

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Every day 3.5 million emails are delivered to more than 208,000 email accounts within its corporate email system. In remote locations (all 2,304 of them), Internet service is through satellite. Fun facts include 145,000 desktop computers at the USPS, 23,000 laptops, 81,000 printers, 12,500 smart-phones, 112,000 phone lines and a huge 310,000 hand-held scanners. Zip code look up has never been quicker or easier!

US Post Office Today


Many people have wrongfully branded Postal Service as a failure. In fact, some have been waiting for it to close shop. However, this only shows how ignorant most people are about the services offered by the Postal Service. It also shows their ignorance about the amazing scale and reach of the institution. Think about the more than 160 billion mail handled by the institution annually. Quite a volume, isn’t it? You can find the institutions outlets everywhere in all parts of the country. This means everybody everywhere in the country can access its services at standardized low costs. Deliveries are made to very remote and secluded places, especially remote islands that are a little bother for private entities. In fact, it is the only communication lifeline in remote areas without broadband availability. Therefore, no matter where you live In the United States, you can comfortably trust the Postal Service to help you in zip code lookup.